I am actually really sad because my fucking fairy tale burn. The guy that I was with for more than 5 years just told me he doesn’t love me anymore and that he can’t even stand me anymore… even when I notice all the changes before he said a word I didn’t say shit to him because I waned to figure out what was going on. Anyways he always do whatever the fuck he wants but I just wonder something, how the fuck are you going to tell somebody just as easy like that, that you don’t love them anymore and after that… why the fuck are you calling the next day  and You don’t fucking answer when I pick up the phone?..„ i mean c´ Mon! I’m fucking hurt. I just wish you can realize that NOBODY is going to do for you and help you out like me. I’m not going back with you again.. I’m not going to live in a lie again. NO ES TAN FACIL borrar el dolor

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